What We Do





I am a disability transformation strategist and thought reformer. What this really means is that I help people with disabilities transform you life by developing often outside the box strategies. I also provide programs to help you meet your own goals, and I write, speak to, and consult with leaders of other industries to show them how to make their goods and services accessible. I give one on one online coaching seminars to help you achieve your best life now.


Coaching Packages



My one-on-one clients get complete, undivided attention, weekly calls with me, unlimited support, and customized as-needed training and guidance.Space to work with me one-on-one is super limited, as I only take on 4 clients at a time. Curious to learn more and see when a spot opens up?


This 5 module process can be used to plan your approach to a problem, or to reach a big goal. We go through the most exciting visioning process you could imagine, and then plan a strategic approach to reaching that vision. This is a process that you can learn once and replicate with every new challenge or dream in your life. 


Imagine defining exactly what you want to achieve over the next 10 weeks, setting the major goals you need to reach to accomplish that outcome, then having a step by step plan to get there faster than you can imagine. You will absolutely achieve more in the next 10 weeks than you have ever achieved in 3-5 months.


My VIP INTENSIVES were created to help you solve one major problem head-on and thoroughly, by addressing it in one single mind-blowing, anxiety-relieving day. This is 100% for you IF you’re itching to get my undivided attention to bring your life to the next level, or map out your plan for the next 6 or 12 months, or one particular issue or period.


Tara is the recent author of a book that is soon to be released. The book is called "VisAble and Empowered". The book seeks to help you identify areas of struggle in your life, to then give practical insight and assistance to overcome those struggles. Check out Tara's book today!



Tara is a contributor to The Mighty and has been featured on CTV, Global Television Toronto and CP24 Toronto portraying the strengths and needs of people with disabilities, based on the experiences and barriers she has faced in life. Tara speaks to two primary groups. She speaks to people with disabilities and chronic conditions, she speaks about honouring the self, self advocacy, and living abundantly with disability. She also speaks to owners of coaching, transformation, or speaking practices. She talks about the business advantage of making the practices universally accessible and provides training to help them attract people with various barriers to their events or services.