Tara Geraghty Ellis
Owner & Founder of Access Disability Empowerment


My Story


Core belief

Access Disability Empowerment is founded in the belief that people with all abilities and disabilities make our world a better place. The advancement of humanity lies in providing opportunities to people to live their lives and develop their skills and abilities in accessible and meaningful ways. The current way disability is thought of in society is directly responsible the abuses, poverty, and lack of opportunities people suffer. The dominant discourse and the fragmentation of the community must change. We deserve better.



To be the global leader in helping people with disabilities live abundant and empowered lives. To also be a global thought leader around how disability is regarded, and a globally respected trainer for personal development industry, enabling experts to become more accessible in service delivery



To enable people with any condition or difference the opportunity to improve their lives by providing customized services, strategies and solutions to help you move from stuck to empowered